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Many Parish Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations.

CLICK HERE to access the Parish Council's Statutory Documents.

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01    PickmerePress_MayJune13.pdf (180.1KB) 01 PickmerePress_MayJune13.pdf 180.1KB PDF
02    PickmerePress April 14.pdf (1005.6KB) 02 PickmerePress April 14.pdf 1005.6KB PDF
03    PickmerePress August 14.pdf (138.5KB) 03 PickmerePress August 14.pdf 138.5KB PDF
04    PickmerePress October 14.pdf (244.3KB) 04 PickmerePress October 14.pdf 244.3KB PDF
05    PickmerePress December 14.pdf (260.1KB) 05 PickmerePress December 14.pdf 260.1KB PDF
06    PickmerePress February 15.pdf (162KB) 06 PickmerePress February 15.pdf 162KB PDF
13    PickmerePress April 2016.pdf (671.6KB) 13 PickmerePress April 2016.pdf 671.6KB PDF
09    PickmerePress August 15.pdf (263.7KB) 09 PickmerePress August 15.pdf 263.7KB PDF
11    PickmerePress December 15.pdf (928.4KB) 11 PickmerePress December 15.pdf 928.4KB PDF
14    PickmerePress June 2016.pdf (845.1KB) 14 PickmerePress June 2016.pdf 845.1KB PDF
08    PickmerePress June 15.pdf (676.3KB) 08 PickmerePress June 15.pdf 676.3KB PDF
12    PickmerePress March 2016.pdf (907.2KB) 12 PickmerePress March 2016.pdf 907.2KB PDF
07    PickmerePress MarchApril 15.pdf (1.6MB) 07 PickmerePress MarchApril 15.pdf 1.6MB PDF
10    PickmerePress October 15.pdf (207.6KB) 10 PickmerePress October 15.pdf 207.6KB PDF
15 PickmerePress October 2016.pdf (181.3KB) 15 PickmerePress October 2016.pdf 181.3KB PDF
16 PickmerePress December 2016.pdf (566.8KB) 16 PickmerePress December 2016.pdf 566.8KB PDF