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NewsThu, 1st October 2020

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   Toxic Algae in Pickmere Lake - Update    June 9, 2020

The Environment Agency (which was consulted before toxic algae warning notices were erected at the lake, and torn down three times in three days by an unhelpful member of the public) has confirmed that there are many different types of algae present in the lake water.  A number of these – perhaps 10-20 – are toxic to animals and humans.  The density of algae is a key factor, and the density does increase in warm weather.  However not all such toxic algae are visible to the naked eye.  Some are, and form algal blooms, as seemed obvious a couple of weeks ago, but some are not. 

The EA is not able to test the water at the moment and therefore the Parish Council erects warning notices on the precautionary principle, to advise that animals or humans should not enter the water when there is this risk.  Those who do so do this at their own risk, but removing notices that are intended to inform other members of the public is clearly not an acceptable form of behaviour.

A link to the Environment Agency's handout on toxic algae can be found in the Documents/Public section of this website.


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