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   Traffic cones and other matters    June 5, 2020

Some are being put out in roads near the lake this afternoon.  PLEASE WOULD RESIDENTS MOVE THEM ONLY BY AGREEMENT WITH THE PARISH COUNCIL, AND PLEASE NOT STORE THEM IN YOUR OWN GARAGES FOR FUTURE USE. We have only a limited supply and need to ensure they are properly and equitably used.

In addition, enquiries are urgently being made about other ways of controlling the types of crowds that have arrived at the lake in the last few weeks, and great efforts are being made to arrange a meeting with senior police officers and senior officers from Cheshire East and Cheshire West councils, as well as landowners along the lakeside and the other relevant parish councils, to discuss how similarly large numbers of visitors might be handled in the future.

A longer bulletin about the problems we have all encountered and about what the Parish Council is seeking to do will be published and delivered to residents in the next few days.

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