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NewsThu, 1st October 2020

News  »  First online Parish Council meeting to be held on 2nd June

   First online Parish Council meeting to be held on 2nd June    May 20, 2020

To join the meeting, members of the public should contact the Clerk (details below) in advance of the meeting, and, at a minimum, 2 days before the day of the meeting, supplying their email address.  At least 15 minutes before the meeting commences, an email invitation will be sent to each such member of the public providing the necessary meeting link, and it will be necessary for that link to be clicked to join the meeting.  It is not necessary to install ZOOM on your device to be able to do this, although this may ease the process.

On clicking the link, you will enter the meeting’s ‘waiting room’ where the Clerk will have to click to allow you to join the meeting.  Because there may be technical issues to resolve, please be patient if you are in the waiting room but have not been allowed to enter – it is likely that this is because the Clerk is trying to resolve someone else’s technical problem.

It is very much hoped that the meeting can be formally opened at 7.30.  Members of the public seeking to join after that time may either have to wait until they can be admitted, or may be excluded from the meeting if it is ongoing and there is the risk that it will be disrupted in attempting to admit new attendees.  Members of the meeting may leave the meeting at any point.

Members of the public will not be able to speak at the meeting, at least on this first occasion, and they will automatically therefore be ‘muted’ by the Clerk. If you wish to ask a question or make a comment about any item that is on the Agenda for that meeting, please contact the Clerk, again a minimum of two days before the day of the meeting, to inform him of the question or comment, and in normal circumstances this will be reported to the meeting at the appropriate moment.

This form of meeting is obviously something of an experiment.  It does give the opportunity for members of the public to see a Council meeting in operation without having to attend the Village Hall. Council members and the Clerk will obviously do their best to enable residents to join the meeting, and trust that appropriate levels of patience will be displayed if technical problems arise.


Jack Steel - Parish Clerk

Email: clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.com                Telephone: 01565 734618

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