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   Stormy weather and use of the Parish Council's land    February 12, 2020

While the Met Office amber alert for wind was in operation on Sunday 9 February 2020, a notice was erected at the play area and at the land at Jacob's Way (the IROS) stating that those areas were closed to members of the public during the period of the alert, because of the risk of falling and flying debris.

That alert has now ended but Pickmere is continuing to be affected by strong winds.

Members of the public are therefore reminded that whatever safeguards are taken in respect of inspecting trees, there can be no complete guarantee that any tree will not shed branches or collapse at any time and particularly during stormy weather.  The Parish Council has in the last year commissioned a report on the trees on its land and has dealt with those trees which were identified as having serious inherent weaknesses.

Members of the public are therefore advised to exercise proper caution and care if walking on Parish Council land, in particular in times of strong winds and in particular in the vicinity of trees, and to avoid walking in the vicinity of and under trees when conditions suggest it would not be sensible.  The Parish Council accepts no responsibility for accidents occurring on its land resulting from a lack of such caution.

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