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   Highways and Parking Update    October 8, 2018

Highways and Parking update

Since the start of our long stretch of fantastic weather several months ago, residents have been asking parish councillors for help with a few highways and parking-related issues. Two particular issues have been raised: cars parking on yellow lines on Mere Lane; and an increasing number of cars being left on the parking spaces at Jacob’s Way/the IROS for several days at a time and in some cases, a week or more.

Regarding Mere Lane, we have been in contact with Cheshire East Highways for many months and the outcome is that the work to clear the road, repaint the lines and install the new signage on Mere Lane is almost complete. This means that if we have the same problems with large numbers of visitors parking next year, the Police will be able to enforce parking notices. They weren’t able to do so this year because the lines and signage weren’t visible enough to be legally enforceable. Hopefully this long-term solution will improve life for residents next year and beyond.  Cheshire East have funded all these works.

The issue of overnight / ‘long stay’ parking at the IROS / Jacob’s Way is a different one, because it is private land (that is, owned by the Parish Council). We believe that some of these incidents arise from people leaving vehicles when they use Manchester Airport. In one recent instance a car was left for so long, and reported by so many residents, that the Parish Council contacted the Police but because the land is private, it wasn’t a matter that the Police could resolve or even provide the owner’s details.

The official position is that overnight parking has always been prohibited and there have always been signs to this effect. Parking has only ever been provided for users of the IROS and not additional residents’ parking, so we don’t want to change anything in that respect.

What we do need to be able to do is deal with this problem when we need to, and the only option open to us is to have a legally-enforceable penalty system in place. We must emphasise that this is about acting in the interests of the local community and not about making money or persecuting local residents.

The upshot is that we have decided to seek the use of a parking company that is authorised to operate Parking Charge Notices. This will give us the mechanism to deal with problem parking when needed.

The new system would be that additional signage would be displayed, stating that vehicles which stay overnight (between 10pm and 6am) would be subject to a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

The control over which vehicles are referred to the parking company would rest with the Council – there would be no inspecting of the site by the company’s wardens. Photographs of offending vehicles would be sent by authorised members of the Parish Council or Clerk to the parking company who would then be responsible for issuing PCNs and pursuing payment.

We feel that this gives us a sensible mechanism to deal with an ongoing issue in a proportionate way that doesn’t involve any cost to the Council. The arrangement with the parking company will only start when the additional signage has been put up.

We hope you approve of this step and if you have any comments or concerns, please do get in touch with Jack Steel, our Parish Clerk (email: clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.com ). Residents are also very welcome to come along to our monthly Council meetings, which always start with an Open Forum. The next Council meeting is on Tuesday 6th November at 7.30 p.m. at the Village Hall.

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