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   Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Review - - this affects you!    November 8, 2016

The proposals include the deletion of the Tatton constituency and instead, that High Legh ward (which incorporates Pickmere) together with Knutsford and Mobberley wards are combined with 8 wards in Trafford Borough, including Altrincham.

Knutsford Town Council have objected to this proposed arrangement, as has George Osborne MP, and Pickmere Parish Council considered the proposals at its meeting on 1st November.  It too objected to the combination of our ward, and Knutsford and Mobberley, with an urban part of Greater Manchester, which is likely to dominate the future MP's considerations.  The Parish Council considered that it is much more appropriate that wards such as ours should be combined in a constituency made up as far as possible of wards of similar rural character, to ensure that our MP is able to pursue policies relevant to our area.

The letter of G Osborne MP puts these arguments succinctly and proposes an alternative arrangement whereby we would be included in a constituency based on Knutsford and Macclesfield and including High Legh, Mobberley and Chelford.  The Parish Council supported this idea and will be writing to the Boundary Commission to say so.  The Council encourages all residents of Pickmere to have a look at the Commission's proposals and make representations.  The letter from G Osborne can be found at http://www.pickmere-pc.org.uk/publications.php.  Alternatively go to the Parish Council's website (http://www.pickmere-pc.org.uk); click on The Parish Council and then on Document Archive.  A copy of the Parish Council's letter is also found there.

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