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   Pickmere Lake    May 14, 2015

.....Between Easter and mid-October some limited use of powerboats is permitted during daylight hours and two landowners allow this from their banks.  Apart from the noise this can be a serious threat to nesting birds who use the reed beds when boats are driven excessively fast and close to the banks.  Whilst tolerant of responsibble use within the enforceable laws we appeal to our residents to report incidents of anti-social behaviour so the land and water can be enjoyed by all.  No barbeques or overnight camping is permitted either.

Simply - if you are concernd about any aspects of misuse at Pickmere Lake, please report it to Pickmere Parish Council via pickmerepcc@hotmail.com or fro more serious incidents that require an immediate response, contact the Police using 101 and for emergencies 999.  Information relating to the type of misuse, any identifying characteristics, time and date are essential.  Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

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