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NewsSun, 20th October 2019


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   The Parish Council has organised a second informal parish meeting to be held between 6.00p.m. and 8.00p.m. on Tuesday 22nd October at Pickmere Village Hall.    October 15, 2019

Part of the role of your Parish Council is to represent the interests of the whole village, and support the community groups, voluntary organisations, and clubs that bring so much benefit to Pickmere.  That's why we've again arranged an informal parish meeting.  It isn't intended to be like a council AGM.  It will be an opportunity for the Parish Council and the wide range of organisations and groups in the parish to let residents know about their work; for residents to ask questions and provide feedback to the Council and all those groups, and for current local issues to be raised. 

Do come along to support it, as it's for Pickmere's community as a whole!

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   Building Surveys of the Village Hall and Turton Pavilion    July 4, 2019

Building Surveys of the Village Hall and Turton Pavilion can now be found on this website in the Parish Council Document Archive

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   Car parking control at the Lake    May 7, 2019

The Parish Council is trying to deal with a parking problem at the lake/IROS, resulting in the recent erection of parking signs.

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   Borough and Parish Council Elections May 2019    March 13, 2019



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   HS2 - Parish Council response to Draft Environmental Statement - December 2018    December 18, 2018

The Parish Council has now submitted its comments to HS2 in respect of the Working Draft Environmental Statement which has been out for consultation for a number of weeks.


The Council response may be found on the Council's website under Parish Council/Document Archive/HS2.

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   HS2 - Come and discuss it with your Councillors!    November 22, 2018

HS2 proposals are out for consultation at the moment; they will affect you.

Drop in to Pickmere Village Hall to see the detailed proposals and how they will change Pickmere, and to discuss them with your Parish Councillors

Tuesday 27th November 2018

4.00 pm to 9.00 pm


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   Parish Councillor 'Surgery' - 4th December 2018    November 15, 2018

The Parish Council decided at its last meeting that it would hold, from time to time, a surgery to enable parishioners to come and ask questions or discuss particular issues with Councillors.  The first such meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th December at 6.00 pm at the Village Hall, before the Parish Council meeting starts at 7.30 the same evening.

If you would like to ask your Parish Councillor something, or discuss an issue on a one to one basis, please turn up at the Village Hall between 6.00 and 7.00 pm.

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A note on this website explains the importance of inspecting and commenting on the documents recently published by HS2 which show more detail of how the proposed scheme will directly affect Pickmere's roads, views and environment generally.  These effects are severe! The deadline for responses to HS2 is 21st December.

A further note has been added in the HS2 section of this website which gives a number of topic areas and views which may be helpful to you as a basis for commenting on the scheme.

The Parish Council is also to hold a 'drop-in' session at the Village Hall on Tuesday 27 November, between 4.00pm and 9.00pm, where you will be abe to inspect HS2's plans and discuss them with Parish Councillors, who have attended various meeetings with HS2 representatives.

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   HS2 - URGENT - CONSULTATION BY HS2 - PLEASE READ!    November 13, 2018

The HS2 organisation is running a consultation process at the moment (deadline 21 December 2018) on its working draft Environmental Statement for the HS2 project.  That Statement includes some of the detailed effects of the proposal.

Your Parish Council is working hard to understand the implications of the detail and to be able to respond meaningfully to the document.

Your Council needs you to contribute to this consultation and advises that you consider the proposals yourself and make appropriate comments.

Please read the notice to be found in the Parish Council/Document Archive/HS2 consultation section of this website or read the notices on the parish noticeboards.  You have an opportunity - almost the last - to comment on the details of the proposals and to try to influence them.

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   Highways and Parking Update    October 8, 2018

Your Parish Council has been considering a number of issues relating to parking issues in and around the IROS.

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   Vacancy for a Councillor    September 21, 2018

There is a vacancy for a Councillor for the parish of Pickmere

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   Parish Council Planning Application for replacement Village Hall    August 22, 2018

Outline planning permission has been refused for the Parish Council's outline planning application for a replacement village hall adjoining the Turton Pavilion.  The Parish Council will in due course consider the decision and what action to take in response to the decision.

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   Drop-in Sessions - Esther McVey MP    July 23, 2018

Ms. McVey has asked the Parish Council to publicise several 'drop-in' sessions she is holding in the constituency, so that she is able to cover some of the more rural areas, and give residents the chance to meet their MP.

Any resident of the Tatton constituency (which includes Pickmere) is welcome at any of the sessions - there is no need to book - simply turn up.

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   Summer Car Parking    July 8, 2018

During this unusual spell of hot and sunny weather, a very large number of residents and visitors are coming to Pickmere Lake, particularly at the weekends.

The Parish Council is very aware this is causing problems for residents, especially those along Jacobs Way, Mere Lane, The Orchards and Clover Drive.

Like many popular destinations we have no means of regulating the number of visitors and cars or have the infrastructure to accommodate everyone.

Last week the Council agreed, after much discussion, not to open the field for general weekend parking.  The only exceptions remain the Teas by the Lake - when operating - on Sunday afternoons; Party by the Lake and Family Fun Day.

The main reason for this decision is that the Council tries to balance the needs of all residents but realises that on this issue it is not possible to satisfy everyone.  The IROS field isn't an ad hoc car park, it is designated Informal Recreational Open Space and we are all committed to preserving this status.

We don't want to risk improving a short-term summer problem (parking) by replacing it with problems that might be more serious, such as even higher numbers of cars, camping, barbeques, alcohol and the real risk of fire etc.  There have already been two emergency call-outs to the fire service.

We also recognise the Council does not have the apprpriate signage or manpower in place to manage and enforce any changes.

We have asked Cheshire East for assistance with the loan of some "No Parking" cones to place in the most affected locations, and for extra bin collections.  We have also requested Cheshire Police to make additional ad hoc visits.

We hope that residents understand and approve our decision.  We also hope visitors continue to appreciate the natural beauty of the Lake but are sensitive to the needs of residents when parking their cars, disposing of litter and enjoying this natural amenity.

Many thanks to everyone for their co-operation.

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   BBQs by the lake and the risk of fire    July 4, 2018

The Parish Council does not allow BBQs on its land near the lake.  The current dry weather means that the risk of fire is high and therefore visitors to the lake are requested even more fervently not to light BBQs.

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   The risks of swimming or paddling in the lake    July 4, 2018

The Parish Council does not allow use of its land to access the lake for swimming or the launching of any boat, canoe or other craft.

There have been fatalities in the lake in the past and swimming there carries significant risk.  In recent years there has also been significant concentrations of toxic algae in the lake, which carries additional risks for bathers, paddlers, or even for household pets entering the water.

Visitors are asked therefore not to enter the water for their own safety.

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   Pickmere Lane and Frog Lane Roadworks    March 31, 2018

Opening of Pickmere Lane and temporary closure of Frog Lane for repair works.

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   Informal Parish Meeting    March 4, 2018

The Parish Council has organised an inaugural informal parish meeting to be held between 2.00p.m. and 4.00p.m. on Saturday 10th March at Pickmere Methodist Church.

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   Major road works on Pickmere Lane in February 2018    January 22, 2018

Cheshire East Council is proposing to carry out repair works to Tanmyard Culvert on Pickmere Lane in February.  These works will require closure of Pickmere Lane from time to time.  Details are given below.  If you would like a copy of the location plan, please contact the Parish Council Clerk on clerk@pickmereparish council.com 

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   Village of the Year - Pickmere on the TV!    January 18, 2018

As many local residents will know, Channel 4 visited Pickmere in the summer to film various aspects of life in the village for their Village of the Year competition.

The programmes showing each village taking part in the competition are now being broadcast on Channel 4 at 3.00 p.m. every weekday; the Pickmere programme is due to be shown at 3.00 p.m. on 2nd February - so make sure you watch/record it!

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   Cheshire East reflects... (Commemoration of WW1)    December 9, 2017

Cheshire East Reflects, brought to you by Cheshire East Council is a four year programme of activities, events and development programmes to commemorate the First World War for the residents of, and visitors to Cheshire East.



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   Parish Council change of dates    December 9, 2017

The dates of Parish Council meetings in early 2018 have changed.

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   Lach Dennis Parish Council is seeking a Parish Clerk    December 5, 2017

Lach Dennis Parish Council is seeking to find a Clerk/RFO to work 4 flexible hours per week, although another hour per week may be available. There are 6 bi-monthly Council meetings each year plus an Annual Assembly.  The villages of Lach Dennis and Lostock Green are both within our Parish Council and are small rural communities of around 300 households altogether.


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   Repairs in the Parish    November 24, 2017

The Parish Council is currently dealing with two problems - broken gatepost at the Clover Drive play area, and drain overflow by the lake.

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   Fun Day this weekend - don't miss it!    August 29, 2017

Lots to see, do and enjoy!

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   We came, we saw, WE PARTIED!!!!    July 6, 2017

Thank you for your fantastic support of Pickmere Party by the
Lake. The event made over £1000 which will be spent totally in
the village of Pickmere - recent purchases by the Community
Group include a new replacement water boiler for the Turton
Pavilion and a box to hold the new defibrillator machine again
at the Pavilion, both of which were fitted free!

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   Toxic Algae and use of the lake    June 27, 2017

As summer proceeds, the Parish Council is concerned that the problem of toxic algae in the lake may return as in 2016. 

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   Fire warning    June 27, 2017


We had an incident on land to the north of the lake one evening last week where a peat fire has had to be extinguished. It's suspected that a barbecue has been lit there and, whilst cleared up after use, has ignited the peat underneath. 

Please be wary, especially in warm weather, and keep an eye out for signs of smouldering if you are walking in the area.

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   Parish Council Annual Report 2016-7    May 5, 2017

To mark the end of the administrative year 2016/7, the Parish Council Chair's Annual Report for the year to end of March 2017 has been published.  You will find it on this website at Public/MINUTES AND AGENDAS/2017/Council

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   Manchester Airport Outreach Programme - Talk to the Airport Community Relations Team    March 14, 2017

The Airport Community Community Relations Team are keen to talk to anyone who has concerns about the operation of the airport and its effects on the surrounding communities.  They are holding 'surgery' type meetings regularly throughout March and April and will have a stand at the Cheshire Show in June.  If anyone wishes to attend one of these surgeries, please email the Team via manchesterairport.co.uk/outreach or email Jack Steel (Parish Clerk) on clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.com

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   Police report - look after your cars at night!    March 14, 2017

Cheshire Police in Knutsford have had reports of vehicles that have been entered overnight via possible insecure doors, where property has been stolen.  The point out that thieves are actively trying car doors during the night.

Please make sure that you lock all your vehicles at night!

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   Parish Council Representations - HS2b Route Refinement Consultation    March 14, 2017

The Parish Council has submitted objections to the recent HS2 Route Refinement proposals.  A copy of the Council's representations is as follows:

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   Defibrillator in Pickmere    February 16, 2017

We're very pleased to have the first of our defibrillators available in the village, provided by the Community Group and the Parish Council.

It is located at the Red Lion, Pickmere and we are grateful to the pub for this.

It is now available for all to use and signs will will be put up indicating where the AED is located.

A second unit will be installed at the IROS Pavilion in the near future.


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   HS2 Public Update Meeting - 16 February 2017 at 7.30 pm - Original note    February 4, 2017

The Parish Council is holding an update meeting on the HS2 proposals on Thursday 16 February at 7.30 at the Village Hall on Pickmere Lane.  It is hoped that a representative of HS2 will be present with plans of the proposed line as it passes through Pickmere, and that you will be able to ask questions about the route, the timescale, and possible compensation provisions.


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   HS2 Public Update Meeting - 16 February - Additional note    February 4, 2017

Please note that this meeting will take the form of a drop-in meeting - i.e. the drawings we have available will be displayed, and questions can be asked on an individual basis - so drop in any time between 7.30 p.m. and 9.15 p.m.!

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   Cheshire Police Bulletin - Avoid burglaries - lock your properties!    January 20, 2017

Cheshire Police are urging residents to lock it or lose it following a number of burglaries across the county.

The simple step of locking your door whether you’re in, or out, is vital in keeping opportunist thieves from your door.


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   HS2 - Latest Government Consultation Exercise    November 24, 2016

The Government has very recently announced its preferred to route for the proposed HS2 railway from Crewe to Manchester (known as Phase 2B).  It is carrying out a consultation exercise which will end on 9 March 2017.  Details of the consultation can be found at the website www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-crewe-to-manchester-west-midlands-to-leeds-route-refinement-consultation-2016

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   Cheshire Police - Monthly surgery    November 8, 2016

PC Michael Dawber and PCSO Gary Fulton will be holding monthly surgeries in the area to permit residents to go and ask questions, voice issues of concern etc.  The first of these surgeries is to be held on Tuesday 15th November at 11:00 at High Legh Garden Centre, so any resident who wishes to speak direct to the officers - this is your opportunity!

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   Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Review - - this affects you!    November 8, 2016

The Boundary Commission for England has recently put forward proposals to alter parliamentary constituency boundaries mainly so as to reduce the number of constituencies (and therefore the number of MPs). The proposals for the North West region's constituency are out for consultation at the moment and until 5th December 2016.  The details of the proposals can be found at www.bce2018.org.uk  This is your chance to comment on something that will affect the future of Pickmere.


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   Community Speedwatch - Come and help!    October 28, 2016

Your Parish Council has for some time been pursuing methods of controlling traffic speeds through the village and is looking to establish a group of volunteers to operate a radar speed detector from time to time on the main roads in the Parish.  The idea is that a team of three persons would spend a couple of hours every now and then monitoring the speed of vehicles through the village.  The Police provide training for such volunteers, and a few months ago the Parish Council asked anyone willing and keen to be part of the fund of trained volunteers to put their name forward so that training can be organised.

A training session has now been organised and will take place on Thursday 10th November at 7.30 p.m. at the Village Hall, Pickmere Lane.  Please let me know if you're interested in attending.

Jack Steel   Parish Council Clerk

Telephone 01565 734618  or email at clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.com


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   Blue Green Algae in Pickmere Lake - Renewed Warning - 9th September    September 9, 2016

The Environment Agency warned again this week that the presence of toxic blue-green algae in Pickmere lake is likely to continue at least until a period of hard frosts.  As a result dog-owners are advised to continue to prevent their pets from entering the water, and the lake should not be used by swimmers.

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   Audited Accounts 2015-16    August 22, 2016

A copy of the AUDITED accounts for the financial year 2015-2016 is now available to view on the website.  If you wish to see them, click on the Parish Council tab, then Document Archive, then ACCOUNTS , then the folder entitled Audited Accounts 2015-2016.

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   M6 Junction 19 Improvements - Consultation Exercise    August 22, 2016

The body administering our motorways is holding a consultation exercise on improvements to Junction 19.  The works are due to commence in 2020.  The two options for improvement are the subject of an exhibition to be held at the Curzon Cinema, Toft Road, Knutsford, on 22nd September between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.  Both options affect the junction between Pickmere Lane and Chester Road. Copies of publicity documents are to be found on this website under Parish Council/Document Archive/Major Topics.

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   Blue Green Algae in Pickmere Lake - Renewed Warning    August 10, 2016
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   Blue Green Algae in Pickmere Lake    July 27, 2016
The Environment Agency has confirmed the presence of blue green algae blooms in a water sample taken this week....[+ read more...]

   Pickmere Party by the Lake    July 4, 2016

Once again, despite the weather, the Party by the Lake was a great success and Midnight Cats provided two great sets which were enjoyed by all.  Many thanks to all who helped to make this happen and to everyone who attended.  Many visitors were astonished by the beauty of the setting and the abillity of a small village to stage such a popular and successful community event.

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   Jack Steel - new Pickmere Parish Clerk    June 10, 2016

We are delighted to welcome Jack Steel as Pickmere Parish Clerk replacing Rosemary Fogerty who has retired after 11 years loyal service to the Council and community.  Jack's contact details are on the website under "Contact us" and any queries or concerns can be sent to him, preferably by e-mail:



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   Unaudited Accounts 2015-2016    June 1, 2016

A copy of the UNAUDITED accounts for the financial year, 2015-2016 are now available to view on the website.  If you wish to see them, click on the Parish Council tab, then Document Archive, then the folder entitled Unaudited Accounts 2015-2016.  Any queries need to be raised by 14th July.

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   Teas by the Lake    June 1, 2016

These are now taking place between 2pm and 4.30pm on Sunday afternoons.  On 3rd July the event will be complemented by Cheshire Community Choir who will be performing hosted by the  Pickmere Methodist Chapel.

On 24th July the Weaver Vale WI Choir will be performing their repetoire conducted by local resident Joyce Kirkpatrick.

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   Chairman's Annual Report 2015-2016    May 5, 2016

Chairman's Annual Report 2015/16



I am privileged to have a hard working committed team of Councillors and be able to report on the considerable work they do on behalf of the Community.  In September the Council once again was at full strength with the arrival of new co-opted members.....

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   Pickmere Photographic and Heritage Society    March 20, 2016

Our small and thriving Society has an interesting and varied programme of activities and interesting guest speakers throughout the coming year.  If you are interested in photography or local history and heritage you are very welcome to join us.  We usually meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Village Hall from 7.45pm......

All our meetings and planned activities are on the calendar of this website.....

Please join us if you are interested and we will be pleased to enrol new members.  Guests are welcome too.



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   Considerate driving....    October 7, 2015

The Parish Council remains very concerned by the excessive speed of some motorists especially on Pickmere Lane, Park Lane and Frog Lane which are all being monitored by the Police.  Not only is this a danger to pedestrians and other motorists, there is a considerable hazard to cyclists and horse-riders.  Please conform with the speed limits to ensure Pickmere remains a safe community.

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   Audited Accounts 2014-2015    September 16, 2015

The externally audited accounts for 2014-2015 have been posted to the website.  If you wish to see them, then open the Parish Council tab, then Document Archive and then Audited Accounts 2014-2015

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   Police alert!    September 16, 2015

The Parish Council was concerned to learn that a group of 3 males had recently flagged down a car on Pickmere Lane.  They claimed they had run out of petrol and asked the driver for money.  This is highly unusual and we urge residents to be both aware and cautious.  Should you encounter anytthing similar, please call the Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

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   Party by the Lake    July 1, 2015

Congratulations and many thanks to the organisers and helpers at this year's Party by the Lake.  It was a great evening, perfectly complemented with excellent weather and a very popular band, The Midnight Cats.  A photo gallery has been posted  - just click the link "galleries" on the Home Page and select "Party by the Lake 27th June 2015 to view an assortment of memories from the night - if you click the forward arrow, the gallery auto-plays.

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   Cheques issued over ?100    June 3, 2015

The Parish Council is required to publish a listing of all cheques issued during the past financial year over £100.00 under the "Smaller Authorities (Transparency Requirements) (England) Regulations 2015/494"

These can be accessed by clicking on the Parish Council Tab, then Document Archive and then Cheque Listing 2014-2015.

No VAT items are outstanding from these transactions.

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   Ward Councillor    May 14, 2015

Pickmere is in High Legh Ward.  Our Ward Councillor is Councillor Olivia Hunter.  Her contact details can be found on the Cheshire East web-site by following the link on the Home Page "Your Council"

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   Pickmere Lake    May 14, 2015

We are very proud of the amenity, beauty and nature of Pickmere Lake.  Both Pickmere and Wincham Parish Councils are most concerned to preserve the tranquility and wildlife from deliberate and avoidable harm........

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   Pickmere Photographic and Heritage Society    March 10, 2015

Pickmere Photographic and Heritage Society enters its 31st year in 2015!  Founded by Club President Joe Robinson, local historian and photographer, the club meets monthly from March to December, usually on the third Thursday of the month, 7.45pm, at Pickmere Village Hall...........

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   Community Pride Awards 2015    February 25, 2015

As you will have read in the recent Pickmere Press, we are fast approaching the submission dates for our entries for Best Kept Village and Community Pride Awards.  We are keen to make our entries Community led initiatives, so please register your interest to help with the compliation and preparation of our entries with Rosemary Fogerty, Parish Clerk as soon as possible.



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   Community Pride Awards 2014    October 9, 2014

We are delighted to tell you that Pickmere has won the Best Kept Village 2014 in the 601-1000 population category at tonight's Cheshire Community Action Community Pride Competition.  Additionally we are....

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   Party by the Lake 2014 photos    July 9, 2014

There are some photos from the recent Party by the Lake on the website - click on photo gallery on the home page and then select the Party by the Lake gallery  - you might even catch a glimpse of yourself having a good time!!

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   Spinks Lane update from Cheshire East Council    April 14, 2014

A recent letter explaining Cheshire East Council's position regarding Spinks Lane has been posted on this website.  Please go to the Parish Council tab, then Document Archive and then Spinks Lane to read the letter we have received from Caroline Simpson explaining the reasons for the delay in any further actions

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   Parish Council response to HS2 Public Consultation    January 29, 2014

Please click on the Parish Council tab on the Home Page and then the Document Archive.  There is a folder called HS2 which contains Pickmere Parish Council's response to the Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, MP stating our concerns.

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   Pickmere Lake    August 7, 2013

Pickmere Lake has multiple riparian owners.  Only the shoreline nearest the Village is owned by Pickmere Parish Council.  Our position remains the Lake is not suitable for watersports.  The Parish Council does not allow the launching of boats from its shore.

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   Door-to-Door Sales....    June 5, 2013

The Parish Council is concerned to hear from the Police that there have been several recent reports of unpleasant confrontations with door-to-door salespeople......

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   Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)    February 5, 2013

Our PCSO is Sophie Emmerson,  PCSO 21262.  Her address is Neighbourhood Policing Unit, Knutsford Police Station, Toft Road, Knutsford WA16 0PA...

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   Village Hall news    January 22, 2013

The Parish Council is currently evaluating a number of options to consider the suitability and development needs of the Village Hall

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   Parish Council Minutes and Agendas    June 13, 2012

If you wish to read these documents, they are contained in the folder called "Document Archive" under the Parish Council tab.  Click on the link for "Minutes and Agendas" and then "2012" for this year and they are there to be seen.  Apologies for any confusion.

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   How to book the Village Hall for parties and events    May 3, 2012

Pickmere Village Hall is available to hire at modest rates for small parties and social events.  To make a booking

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   Mobile Library Service    March 9, 2012

Our mobile library service is provided by Alsager Mobile Library.

For more information please telephone 01270 873552

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   Thinking of buying land in Pickmere?    March 9, 2012

The Parish Council has many years of knowledge of local housing needs...

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   Best Kept Village and Commuinity Pride Competitions 2015    November 30, -0001

As outlined in the recent Pickmere Press, we are fast reaching the dates to submit our entries for these competitions and would like to involve as many people from the village as would like to help.  As you will know, the village has a good track record in recent years and we would like to build on these successes this year and into the future.  Please contact Rosemary Fogerty, Parish Clerk, as soon as possible to register your interest.  Thank you.

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   Pickmere Photographic and Heritage Society    November 30, -0001

This Society, founded by Joe Robinson 32 years ago,  is thriving and open to new members and guests who are interested in photography or local history and heritage.  We usually meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7.45pm in the Village Hall and have a varied and fascinating programme of activities and guest speakers - all in the calendar on this website.......

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