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Community Buildings Consultation commentsThu, 26th November 2020

Community Buildings Consultation comments

Earlier in 2013 Pickmere Parish Councillors met to review the feed back it had received relating to the Community Buildings consultation held between 31st Oct  and 3rd Nov 2012.  The Council had identified four ideas for people to consider. The council in reviewing the feed back has concluded that only two of the proposed  ideas  should be taken forward for further work to be carried out in terms of feasibility. The two ideas to be taken forward are, Idea 1 which was to modify and upgrade the current Village Hall and idea 4 which was to modify the current Turton Pavilion to replace the current Village Hall and additionally to provide equipment storage close to the IROS.


Written feed back gathered at the consultation events has been extracted and provided for information below. Names, addresses and post codes have been removed 


There were a small number (4) of the written feedback that have not been included as they did not in any way relate to the two ideas the council has decided to take forward.

Building consultation  post it’s  All identified under Idea 1


  1. We think this is the best option as it is a heritage site which should be preserved for the people of pickmere. We think that the parking and access is more acceptable option too
  2. Is the best option will preserve the Victorian building and is sufficient for the village
  3. I believe this option would best suit the community. The green area down by the lake is precious and is used everyday by residents of pickmere. Reducing it by any amount is not acceptable. The current village hall with update has less impact on persons living near the pavilion  and will reduce traffic down Mere Lane. There is no benefit to building a new hall that cant be met at current hall
  4. We think the village hall is an important part of the village heritage and think every effort should be made to preserve and improve it
  5. Support for 1
  6. Not convinced by arguments put forward in favour of idea 4 particularly car parking . Idea 1 preferred
  7. Support retaining the heritage of the current village hall also much more easily found
  8. We would like to keep the existing village hall spend some money and get a grant to modernise this piece of village history this is by far the best option
  9. The current village hall is the best location . It can needs refurbishing it’s the heritage of the village
  10. Idea 4 totally apposed to it  the least disruptive solution is the existing village hall . Not what IROS was created for or sold to the village unnecessary when there are adequate facilities within 1 mile
  11. Ignoring cost issues the benefits of the existing location is that it is easily seen when entering the village and is identifiable as a village community building as is the church .Extending the  building at  IROS  actually could make it less accessible even though it’s a nicer location. I have concerns about more traffic travelling into pickmere where as the existing location keeps traffic at the outskirts
  12. I believe the village hall could be extended with a larger car park. This would require obtaining more crown land  this would save the serious …….. problem if the IROS was extended
  13. Like the idea of refurbishment org hall also better access + parking if land can be obtained
  14. We have a perfectly adequate well built village hall situated in an area that has easy access> the area  at the lake is for outdoor recreation. It is important to have an area in the village that is safe for children to play ……. Games and to exercise our dogs + ourselves. Access to this area through mere lane is not good
  15. Totally disagree with this proposal as it is far too big an option and too costly the ( think this is referring to other idea) better option being to improve the village hall
  16. Support 1
  17. No one option will suffice . If village hall can have additional car parking just do minimum AND support development of the IROS to meet requirements of community group. Set up separate IROS steering group
  18. Best option. I think the refurbishment & or extension of the  existing village hall is the best option , more easily found no traffic issues less intrusive . I would suggest more groups of children  young adults at the refurbished hall there would be specific safety issues with extending the hall at the lake children and lakes don’t mix also suggest more windows to take in the view at the back of the hall
  19. We should like the plan for the village hall to go ahead . It would be ideal if extra land was acquired for extra parking to make the hall suitable for lots of events
  20. Yes extend the village hall as much as possible get extra land for hard standing raise funds by sponsorship … etc etc
  21. I think it obvious! The least impact to residents would be to keep refurb the existing village hall
  22. 1&3
  23. I think the village hall is in an ideal location  keeping impact to minimum. Encouraging visitors to the lake for events will disturb residents living in the vicinity and negatively encourage youths to the area at night
  24. The pros and cons appear to be loaded towards a particular option
  25. I favour maintaining both buildings with no external extensions mere lane is unsuitable for extended night access current users of village hall would probably move to chapel rather than IROs
  26. Apposed to disposal of village hall apposed to extensions at both buildings
  27. We favour maintaining the status quo
  28. My preference would be to minimise the impact on the village preference 1&2
  29. This issue of a building which needs so much repair before any modification can happen will demand more funds than will contribute to the needs of the village
  30. Why have the costs & inefficiency of  keeping two buildings doesn’t seem sensible
  31. Does not address issues of maintaining TWO buildings , keep them updated and then still having to borrow  church or pub to cater for large meetings waste of time
  32. Idea 4 is good . Is there a way to include 5 a side court or a basketball court both tarmaced
  33. Seems ridicules to spend money after an old building not in centre of village and community
  34. updating + maintaining  2 buildings yet still not addressing all the current issues would seem to be a costly + unsatisfactory route to take. I suspect we would be revisiting the issue within a relatively short space of time .

    Building consultation  post it’s  All identified under Idea 4


    1. Idea 4 Would be a positive option looking forward  to the future needs of the village and the likely future costs of maintaining the building
    2. Best solution if you can sell Village Hall .Number 3 (idea 3) if you cant
    3. Funding will be easier to acquire for a modern building with parking space available
    4. To maintain 2 village public use properties is pointless Provided use remains the same with no late licence I have no objection to plan 4 also consider number of parking spaces is adequate> The loss of the old village hall whilst unfortunate does not serve the village anymore
    5. The best solution to the current issues will be found by seeking the most radical approach + finding ways of solving / minimising the perceived  problems .The extension of the Turton pavilion , funded by the sale of the village hall will give the best solution for the future provision of community buildings in the village. The building would then be in the heart of the village rather than the outskirts . Because a building is old it does not automatically have heritage + certainly need not be preserved for its current use purely for the sake of doing so . Traffic management + parking issues would have to be addressed and sensitive policies for usage would no doubt be an issue that could be solved
    6. Sell Pickmere Lane Hall, with monies extend building in line with idea 4
    7. most of pickmere residents will be more within walking distance of the centre. A good space of the same size as current but better built  environment is needed for those  who use the facilities – others may be encouraged to use it more
    8. Have lived in the village for 62 years> I think a new Hall would be a wonderful thing. A new hall would be envy of every village in Cheshire with the lake setting
    9. Any other idea waste of money. Please ensure no licence for party activities
    10. If the community is going to make changes  it makes sense to go for a more radical solution rather then fudge the issue
    11. What a great idea, not before time. 1 save money & release assets. 2site in centre of village3. allows development of social activities encourage village community4 no realistic objection can be offered
    12. option 4 is the best one, not that much impact on the surrounding area & a huge difference to the meeting area and kitchen
    13. achieves more and has a major funding source. It will also have more hurdles to get over. Overall it seems the best option and all the others will probably end up with further problems to address in future. It will hopefully be better used as it will be more attractive to hire than the village hall and will increase activities in the village Obviously it will require careful planning  and consultation
    14. Idea 4 brilliant it would be sad  not to realise idea 4 opportunity for the future of the village community having just received best kept village award, lets build on it
    15. This is the best idea for the future of pickmere , although there is heritage in the old village hall it needs so much doing to it to bring it up to modern day standards as it is always needs loads of renovation
    16. By far the best option As a resident of Jacobs way I believe it would be short sighted not to take this opportunity to increase the the facilities available to our lovely village . A decent sized village hall is a necessity to promote a positive community spirit within the village Great idea
    17. Brilliant idea. The extension to the IROS site would better meet the needs of the village community with minimal impact on the site
    18. Best idea by a long way, Reduces the cost after initial outlay, rids expense of several venues. Focus is on village needs now and in future. Retains field at IROS for fun days etc. Minimum visual impact or disturbance. Provides much needed storage
    19. I think option 4 is probably the best as a long term choice for the village’s future. Money spent, then it should be done right once. Maintaining one building in one location which can support adequate parking + benefits from fabulous outdoor space seems sensible . Slight concern that the sale of the village hall should be  carefully managed in terms of its future use. Ideal other requirements for the village  tennis court allotments cub/scout group
    20. Option4 the best practical and sustainable solution that stands any chance of being funded. Will maintain the cohesion of a community centre with minimum impact  on residents
    21. Would prefer option 4 to make use of a larger hall at the IROS
    22. This is the solution to the future needs of the village however I would suggest that if this chosen a member of a community group sits on the development team . This will help to smooth out any problems and get people involved
    23. Best idea so far, cost of maintaining and refurbishing of existing  is problematic. Greater collaboration with residents required to control the disruptive factors
    24. Maintaining 2 buildings when one would do seems unnecessary
    25. Ok if we can afford it without selling the village hall or effecting the natural amenity of the lake
    26. From a practical operational point of view I like idea 4 I just wary about the traffic down mere lane if the pavilion gets used more than it is at present as a bigger building it should be more sellable
    27. Before committing to major expenditure you need to have plans for future use. How to make it viable
    28. Increased car parking at the lake may encourage undesirable elements in the evenings
    29. Access , egress  re mere lane not two cars wide
    30. I am not convinced of the need to expand the facilities I do not believe there is a community need for more space based on my experience of youth groups
    31. We are totally against option 4 as this is a beautiful green open space ( very scarce these days) which is enjoyed by so many people access and noise will be a major ….. for many
    32. Option of extending the iros building is a no from me . to have more traffic down a tiny lane that is already a problem to local people on mere lane. The idea of having a licence bar is terrible
    33. No
    34. Do not want an increased IROS footprint . Totally object